Data protection

We provide data processing audit services, prepare data processing rules, data processing records, response to data security breaches procedures, contracts and other necessary documentation. We perform the functions of the Data Protection Officer and advise on all data protection issues.

Financial services and regulation
We prepare licensing documents, internal procedures, contracts necessary for the activity of the financial service companies (electronic money, payment institutions, other FINTECH companies), represent in the supervisory institution, provide assistance during auditing, provide consultations on compliance, risk management, protection of funds, money laundering prevention, outsourcing and other business issues.

We represent in the cases on awarding insurance benefits, indemnification, regress, also advise on establishment issues, creation of new insurance services, solving of claims (insurable events).

Public procurement

We prepare claims, complaints, lawsuits in procurement matters, represent in the cases on disputes over public procurement, provide advices on the preparation of procurement documents and tenders, contract terms, security arrangements, procedures and other matters for public procurement.

Company law and contracts

We establish companies, their branches, consult companies on all business issues, assist in obtaining licenses, prepare decisions of shareholders, management bodies, amendments to the articles of association, register them, advise on shareholders' rights, disputes, liquidation and other issues, prepare contracts, review them, represent in the negotiations on contracts.

Labor law

We prepare contracts with employees, managers, confidentiality, non-compete agreements, advise on the issues of termination of employment contracts, amendments of provisions, compensation of damages and other issues, represent in labor disputes, prepare all necessary local legal acts (rules of procedure, equality and wage policies, etc.).

Dispute resolution and debt management

We represent in courts of all instances, international organizations, pre-trial investigation institutions, in mediation or negotiation processes, prepare proceeding documents, assist in the awarding and recovery of debts.

Bankruptcies and Restructuring

We advise on insolvency matters, prepare claims for insolvent companies, their managers, prepare corporate restructuring plans, solvency recovery plans for individuals, mediate with a bankruptcy administrator, protect the interests of creditors in insolvency proceedings.